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October 2017
How To Improve Product Quality, Campaign Lengths & Reliability for Refiners

Oil & Gas Filtration Solutions | Pall Corporation webinar series

Refinery Debottlenecking via Advanced Contaminant Separation

On a daily basis, refiners are faced with many debottlenecking challenges, encompassing production quota increases, refinery upsets, changing feedstocks, unscheduled shutdowns, off spec product, environmental exceedances. Millions of dollars are typically at risk when targets cannot be met. Refinery subject matter experts, engineers, operators and maintenance personnel are seeking ways to optimize their debottlenecking activities.

This presentation will start with an introduction to many of the key bottlenecks we are seeing around the globe that can be resolved with high efficiency separations equipment. We will then move to an introduction of the high efficiency filters and coalescers enabling problem resolution. Next we will progress to a detailed applications overview by unit operation, showing how the separations solution is implemented. Lastly we will examine actual installations and provide the savings and benefits experienced at refinery sites around the globe.


Key Learning Objectives

  • Identify classic unit operation pinch points and cost implications holding back many refineries - $millions often at stake
  • Define and quantify the performance of high efficiency filtration, liquid/liquid and liquid/gas coalescing technologies vs. legacy separations equipment
  • Review key applications by unit operation driving improvement – with permanent as well as mobile short term solutions identified
  • Familiarize yourself with installation examples – the magnitude of savings and benefits achieved


Presented by:

Robert James,
Vice President, Global Marketing, Oil & Gas/Refining

Robert James, Vice President of Global Marketing, Oil & Gas/Refining, brings over 34 years of experience with Pall Corporation in fluid separation and clarification across a broad range of heavy industries.

He has been involved in the development of many leading-edge application solutions to advance plant and process performance. Robert holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from McGill University.


October 2016
Gas Plants and LNG - Filtration for Plant Optimization

Oil & Gas Filtration Solutions | Pall Corporation webinar series

Join us for a complimentary webinar:

Effective, reliable, removal of solid and liquid contaminants is critical to reliable performance of sophisticated gas plants and LNG facilities. Today's advanced filtration and coalescing technologies can optimize your operations compared to outdated legacy equipment.


In just 45 minutes we’ll cover:

  • Introduction to filtration, liquid/gas coalescing, liquid/liquid coalescing
  • Performance comparison with legacy technologies
  • Gas plant and LNG plant applications overview
  • Next steps to upgrading your process

We'll also answer specific questions during a live Q&A.

June 2016
Optimize Refinery Liquid / Liquid Separations

Oil & Gas Filtration Solutions | Pall Corporation webinar series

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Effective, reliable, continuous separation of hydrocarbons, water, sour water or caustic is critical in a refinery for final product quality, unit productivity and uptime, catalyst and salt bed life, environmental conformance and ongoing operating cost management. Learn how advanced coalescing technologies can optimize these separation operations vs. legacy equipment when continuous, high efficiency, reliable performance is required.


In just 45 minutes we’ll cover:


  • Introduction to continuous performance liquid/liquid coalescers
  • Performance comparison with legacy technologies
  • Cost- and space-savings you can expect when upgrading your process
  • Next steps to upgrading your process


Applications overview:


  • Water from steam stripped diesel
  • High pH water from caustic treating
  • Hydrocarbons from amine loops
  • Oil from sour water strippers
  • Water from delayed coker streams
  • Water from reactor bed feeds
  • Water from alkylation feeds
  • Water from diesel, gasoline, jet, LPG


Who should attend:


Unit Operators

Site Engineers

Maintenance Professionals